Monday, December 28, 2009


The following procedures and rules apply to the perpetual ladder tournament of the Midway Chess Club.

1. Governing Rules:

1.1 The USCF Rules of Chess governs play with the following exceptions:

1.1.a. The game may be played without a chess clock.

1.1.b. If both players agree, the game may be played with a chess clock at a pace no faster than Game/20.

2. New Player:

2.1 Any new addition to the ladder populates a new rung at the bottom of the ladder.

3. Challenge Match:

3.1 A challenge match consists of three (3) games.

3.2 All games must be played in real-time either over the board, ICC, FICS, other any other live format.

4. Issuing a Challenge:

4.1 A player may challenge only the players on next two higher rungs.

4.2 A second challenge between the same two players cannot be held until each has played a challenge match against a different player.

4.3 Challenges may be issued verbally, by email or anyother electronic format. If you can't locate an email address, contact Club President.

4.4 In all cases, notification of a challenge must also be sent to Club President or the designated Ladder Tournament Monitor.

5. Challenge Results:

5.1 The match is won by the player who achieves at least a 2-1 score. A tie score is a drawn match.

5.2 The final match result must be promptly reported by BOTH players to Club President or the designated Ladder Tournament Monitor.

6. Mandatory Play:

6.1 A challenge may not be refused.

6.2 No player is required to play more than one challenge match concurrently.

6.3 Multiple challenges must be queued and played in the order received.

6.4 Resolution of challenge conflicts will be handled by Club President or the designated Ladder Tournament Monitor.

7. Ascending the Ladder:

7.1 The player who achieves at least a 2-1 score wins the challenge match.

7.2 If the lower-placed player wins the match, that player takes the rung of the other player, who then moves down one rung, possibly bumping another player down.

7.3 If the higher-placed player wins or draws the match, there are no changes in the ladder.

8. Duration of the Ladder:

8.1 The Ladder Tournament is perpetual. Standings persist across years.

8.2 A player may opt out of the ladder at any time. Placement upon re-entry is at the lowest rung of the ladder.

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  1. Are distant fans of your chess club allowed to join the ladder?