Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Chess Resolution

New Year’s Chess Resolution

In following my friend, Farbror The Guru, I too hereby invites all fellow chess improvers to join the New Years Chess Resolution Movement! I also strongly believe in simplicity, goals and peer pressure. I kindly invite blogging chess improvers to do the following:

  1. State a Long Term Chess Goal (possibly linked to a suitable number of short term goals)
  2. State a Chess Promise
  3. Defining a penalty for failing the chess promise
Hopefully the members of the movement will blog about their efforts and support fellow improvers with feedback on their blogs and or Tweets. Hope to hear from you.

My Chess Goals for 2010: Goal:
Seriously study endgame and win at least one CICL match this year.

Promise: Five times per week: -
Study: 30 minutes daily
Play: 40 minutes daily

Keep Public Study/Play Log
Play 3 Standard Time Control games per week minimum

Give away one of my favorite chess sets.

1 comment:

  1. You have chosen an excellent penalty. I hope and think that you will be able to reuse that penalty for as long as you would like to have Chess related New Year's Resolutions!

    Happy New Year!